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UBio-X Pro2
UBio-X Pro2Model:
Overview:UBio-X Pro2 is new face access control and time and attendance terminal, recognizes faces at a distance up to 3 meters, authenticates when user walk- through the gates. UBio-X Pro2 intergrated with a thermal camera and measures user's body temperature. In case of fever, the user will be denied for accessing and the log data recorded on the server.  


Key Features:

- Liveness Detection Anti-Spoofing attacks against photos, vidoes & 3D maks. 

- High Ambient light conditions illuminance up to 25,000 Lux

- Visible Light Technology with IR Technology

- Patented Fake Fingerprint Detection

- Face Recognition at a Distance up to 3M 

- High speed face and fingerprint matching

- Easy face enrollment-use camera or phone picture

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