MultiHaul™ Series
MultiHaul™ PtMP 60GHz Radio
MultiHaul™ PtMP 60GHz RadioModel:
Overview:MultiHaul™ is a PTMP multi-gigabit radio operating over millimeter waves. It brings the advantages of mmW – multi-gigabit capacity, immunity to interference and always-on reliability - to a cost-effective small form factor PTMP solution. MultiHaul™ is a plug & play system designed to easily scale, taking advantage of patent-pending scanning antennas that auto-align links, and enables connectivity for up 8 Terminal Units at up to 400 meters range, as well as robust planning and management tools.


Key Feature:

-          a 90 degree sector Base Unit (BU) with integrated beam steering antenna and 3 ports

-          up to 8 Terminal Units, TU or cTU, per each BU

-          Sector capacity of 2.3Gbps over the air (1.8Gbps net throughput) to TUs or cTUs

-          Up to 1310ft. (400m) auto-aligned range thanks to Siklu’s proprietary cutting-edge antenna technology

-          Beamforming antenna enables auto-alignment making installation a lightning quick one-person job

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