EtherHaul™ Hundred Series
EtherHaul™-700 wireless Series
EtherHaul™-700 wireless SeriesModel:
Overview:The EtherHaul™-700 wireless bridge series delivers cost-efficient, interference-free, Ethernet connectivity. Operating over the uncongested lightly-licensed E-band, the point-to-point radio link is easily deployed on any street furniture or rooftop.


Key Feature:

-       One of the smallest Gbps radios on the market delivering range and capacity, making site acquisition and installation on street furniture straightforward

-       Carrier grade predictable performance ideal for mission critical network connectivity

-       Up to 1Gbps throughput over ranges as far as 1.6 miles (2.6km)

-       Field proven advanced all-silicon integration yields a high 90-yr MTBF

-       Installation and support of Siklu radios can be performed by anyone, with minimal training

-       Optional integrated timing over packet 1588v2 and SyncE with SSM schemes facilitate reliable, accurate mobile backhaul synchronization

-       Prioritized payloads using hitless adaptive modulation synced with 8 levels of QoS.

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