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innoVi Enterprise
innoVi EnterpriseModel:
Overview:innoVi Enterprise eliminates the need for continuous human monitoring of surveillance cameras. It automatically detects and alerts to security and safety incidents in real-time, thereby drawing a surveillance operator’s immediate attention to an incident. innoVi provides situational awareness to effectively manage incidents and enable effective responses, as incidents unfold.

The powerful video search capability swiftly searches through vast archives of video, replacing cumbersome, labor-intensive manual searches, and directing personnel to the most relevant footage. Users define parameters regarding the event/object of interest (target type, event type, color, size, timeframe, similar targets and more), and receive matching search results within seconds.

Surveillance video can be leveraged for operational intelligence. innoVi extracts information from video to provide automated statistical analysis of traffic volumes, movement trends and motion patterns. Equipped with usable data, facility managers, marketing leaders and business owners can make better informed decisions regarding operations and resource allocation.

innoVi Enterprise enables the surveillance infrastructure to be optimized for higher security as well as leveraged for overall safety, streamlined operations and reduced costs.


-Prevent crime and shorten emergency response times by immediate detection of security threats

-Improve incident management by rapidly creating situational awareness through real-time video search

-Decrease post-event investigation times by receiving rapid video search results

-Receive accurate, wide-ranging statistical data related to people and vehicles

-Review key metrics (people, vehicles) to manage and regulate traffic flow

-Export raw data for further analysis or integration with other systems

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