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Mobix Series
MOBIX Server & NVR
MOBIX Server & NVRModel:

Fibrenetix MOBIX is a semi-ruggedized video server, ideal for hazardous environments where traditional computers cannot be deployed. MOBIX video server is designed to operate at high temperatures, in desert, vehicle and factory environments.


Key Features:

-MOBIX is designed for both mobile and stationary platforms, as a cornerstone for surveillance applications in hazardous environments.

-MOBIX is 100% noise free and can go completely unnoticed, even in the quietest office environment.

-The mobile video server design makes MOBIX ideal for surveillance in trains, buses and armoured vehicles.

-With built-in support for a mobile SIM card, MOBIX can transmit any recorded video streams to a central control room, using a regular 3G or 4G network.

-MOBIX comes with 4 or 6 port POE LAN connections, offering an easy and cost effective integration to IP cameras.

-MOBIX is an open platform device, running Windows 10 or LINUX.

-MOBIX also comes with an optional pre-installed ­full-feature VMS (NVR software) making MOBIX video server a truly plug’n’play network video recorder.

-MOBIX is certified for Milestone, Genetec, Cathexis and Honeywell VMS.

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