Great Dane Series
Great Dane Series – Super converged NVR
Great Dane Series – Super converged NVRModel:
Overview:The Great Dane is a unique Super Converged NVR appliance,the only one in its class within the storage industry offering the Super Converged capabilities at an industry leading price performance ratio.


Key Features:

-Up to 120 days recording ­capacity with Full HD, 25FPS and 500 Camera.

-2.5PB raw or 2PB net maximum usable storage using RAID 6.

-On-board Intel HD 630 graphic hardware decoder, no processor resources lost for Playback.

-Dedicated Fibrenetix RAID IO controller for optimized video streaming and Storage scalability.

-Offers true high camera count video recording without data loss.

-Support of up to 256x Hard Disks via SAS JBOD expansion.

-3 year warranty

-10 year spare part availability Guarantee.

-Industry leading quality and reliability.

-Best price performance ratio in industry today.

-Designed and manufactured in Denmark.

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