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Prime Face & Fingerprint Recognition Terminal
Prime Face & Fingerprint Recognition TerminalModel:UBio-X Pro Lite

UBio-X Pro Lite is a face authentication system. It’s equipped with the powerful performance functions and improved facial recognition algorithm.

UBio-X Pro Lite uses our improved face authentication algorithm to accurately recognize faces in various lighting conditions. Operating illuminance of up to 30,000Lux. Equipped with a high definition camera to provide the fastest matching speed while maintaining the highest accuracy.

UBio-X Pro Lite can be used in various applications and environments such as manufacturing factory, bank, large scale integrated security center and more.


- High Ambient light conditions Illuminance up to 30,000 Lux

- High speed face and fingerprint matching

- Patented fake fingerprint detection

- 2MP CMOS Camera w/IR LED Stronger filtering of brighter background conditions

- 1.0 GHz Quad Core CPU

- Andriod 4.0 based intuitive GUI with 5" touch LCD

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