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 EX2300-C Ethernet Switch
EX2300-C Ethernet SwitchModel:EX2300-C


Fanless Design

Silent, air-cooled switches do not use internal fans, reducing power consumption and improving reliability by eliminating moving parts that can fail.

Virtual Chassis

With Virtual Chassis technology, up to four interconnected EX2300-C switches operate as a single logical device, reducing operational expenses and simplifying management.

Eight QoS Queues

Eight QoS queues per switch port ensure proper prioritization of voice, video, and multiple levels of data traffic, with room to converge other networks, such as building automation and video security systems.

Always-On Reliability

Based on a field-proven Juniper architecture and the Junos OS, EX2300-C switches deliver always-on reliability for every application.

Centralized Management with Junos Fusion

When deployed as satellite devices in a Junos Fusion Enterprise environment, large numbers of EX2300 switches can be managed from a single interface.

Innovative Design

Unique, cost-effective switch design enables new architectures that reduce cost and complexity, while unified management and automation tools consolidate system monitoring.

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