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Siklu - Wireless Fiber Video Surveillance Networks ConnectivityTime:2020-07-29

Don’t get caught with your network down: Video Surveillance using mmWave for connectivity will extend your Surveillance network quickly and on budget!

Is your network crying out for bandwidth? Does your wireless video surveillance network suffer from outages due to interference? Does your Video Surveillance network choke when 4k technology is around? With worldwide adoption of HD and 4K IP cameras skyrocketing, Siklu radios make sure your video surveillance network keeps up with the data rates needed, and reliably supports not only the latest in advanced video technology today, but tomorrow as well - making snowy, jerky pictures a thing of the past.


Who Needs Video Surveillance Connectivity

The primary end users for Video Security are municipalities, large venue operators, companies seeking to enhance parking lot video coverage or other open spaces to name a few. The driving demand is safety and whether it’s the government or private enterprise video surveillance is often the solution that is chosen. However, deploying a video security network is seldom done by the end user.


Rather system integrators, dealers and installers are employed to design and install networks capable of delivering reliable video surveillance connectivity. System Integrators are often involved in all phases of a such a network - selling, installing and maintaining the security system including the network itself. For the most part they are involved in other aspects of security not just the video surveillance element - access control and intrusion prevention are a few examples. System Integrators come in all sizes, global, national, regional and local. A large chunk are owner-run. The larger ones are public companies. There are also many types of consultants that are  security focused. They can be independent and focused solely on security. They can be regional, national and global. They may even be engineering companies focused on security and other verticals like Audio Video, fire safety and more.


Why Video Surveillance Requires Reliable Connectivity 

Smart Cities are increasingly turning to video surveillance as a key method for enhancing safety and are deploying more cameras every year. These cameras are often HD 4K and PTZ requiring 10’s of Mbps of capacity. In addition the quality of the video is of paramount importance – no dropped frames, low latency and low jitter rates are demanded.


For many video surveillance deployments, wireless connectivity is a core component and unreliable wireless connectivity is not acceptable. High speed, low jitter video surveillance connectivity is required to be always-on and stream the live picture anywhere, anytime, whether it is during a non-event or a security disaster and from any type of IP camera.


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