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SAIMOS - Video AnalyticsTime:2020-07-29

SAIMOS® Video Analytics is a flexible and scalable solution based on Deep Learning for professional users in various industries. SAIMOS video analyticsalgorithms are based on artificial intelligence and are mainly used in professional environments.

Nevertheless, SAIMOS do also have loads of SME’s and private customers relying on our video analytics, especially when it comes to perimeter protection.

In Retail, shop owners do highly benefit from our counting and heatmapping functionalities.

All SAIMOS® Video Analytics modules are characterized by highest stability, accuracy &quality, easy configuration, VMS integration (Milestone, SeeTec and others) as well asexcellent support.

External evaluations of our video analysis on an international comparison by renowned companies confirm our technological lead and quality.

SAIMOS video analysis includes the following modules and functionalities:

  • Perimeter Protection
  • Object Detection
  • Dynamic Blurring
  • 2D & 3D Counting and Heatmapping
  • 3D Tailgating Detection & Gate access
  • Observation& Face Recognition

Further, SAIMOS do provide software customization, adaptations as well as extensions as per customers’ requirements to support their special project’s needs.

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