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Milestone 2020R2 - New Search Categories Based on ONVIF-Compliant MetadataTime:2020-05-15

Video surveillance teams often need to find specific video clips at a moment’s notice. With the existing centralized Search framework and the addition of three new Search categories in XProtect VMS, that’s now easier than ever.

With the 2020 R2 release, users can search through ONVIF-compliant metadata with three new categories: people, vehicles, and locations. With these new categories, users can optimize and target their searches and home in on the information and video they are looking for quickly and efficiently.

The support for ONVIF-compliant metadata Search is a natural continuation of our effort towards making searching and finding video as easy and intelligent as possible. The centralized Search framework, which was released last year, aggregates all data types registered in the XProtect VMS and puts them in one place to make finding a specific incident or video sequence easier and smarter.

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