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New releases
Milestone 2020R1 - Desktop Notifications for AlarmsTime:2020-02-01

All security operators have times when their eyes are off their client windows – but that shouldn’t mean they miss something. Our new alarm notifications fix that.

With XProtect Smart Client alarm notifications, operators can receive pop-up notifications on the corner of their screens whenever an alarm is triggered in the XProtect system. That means that alarms can be seen on-screen as they happen, no matter the client window status.

Operators should never miss important alarms

-Even when the Smart Client is minimized, or the operator is working on another screen, alarm notifications will appear – to help keep focus on what’s important.

Easy access to alarm information

-Click on the notification to gain instant access to the Alarm Manager – for related video, bookmarking and further investigation.

Easy to configure and adjust

- Administrators can choose what alarm levels trigger this notification, and as before, can define what these level mean.

- Feature is community-enabled for MIP SDK.

Please click here for more details.

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