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Face++ Intelligent Thermal Detecting and Analysis SystemTime:2020-02-01

Intelligent Thermal Detecting and Analysis System

Face++ Ming Ji is based on the “face recognition + infrared/visible light dual sensor system” powered by its deep learning AI platform Brain++. Introducing the dual-light fusion technology, the results of infrared temperature measurement and the face recognition are synchronized. Once detecting a suspected person with high body temperature (the body temperature exceeds 37.3°C), the system will raise alarm automatically. In the meanwhile, the face detection algorithm is specially optimized for the scenario that the people are wearing mask/hat etc., which can implement accurate recognition even when the person’s face is covered by the mask or hat. The system could detect up to 10 people simultaneously. And enable the fast and accurate detecting of person with higher body temperature, especially in the public area/location with high people traffics. The system helps to realize the no-contact body temperature detection program powered by Face++’s State-Of-The-Art AI technology.

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